Adeline Woon (Queeni & Rupert)

Daniel came highly recommended from a dog-parent friend, and that already speaks volumes because she is not one to entrust her dog to just anybody. Even before walking my two dogs, he already impressed me by dropping by for a session to meet and get to know and befriend my dogs. And I’m sure they were impressed by the dog treats that he carries on his person!

I found him to be thorough, as he asked for pictures of which leash belonged to which dog. On the occasions that he had to feed the dogs, he also noted down the various supplements/medication for each dog, down to the dish that the dog was accustomed to eating from.

He is responsible, on one occasion taking the initiative to show up ahead of the scheduled time because of inclement weather. I also appreciate his patience with one of the dogs who is elderly, blind in one eye and with limited vision in the other. After every walk, he sent a photo and screenshot of a GPS report on the distance walked, giving me peace of mind that the dogs indeed had their potty break.

He has been a great help as my household had been struggling with caregiving, and managing the dog walking.


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