Doggy Daycare

Staying at home when your human are at work is so boring. At daycare you’ll get to make new friends, play, relax and take a afternoon nap – before you know it, your human is here to pick you up!  Late pickup is allowed if pet parent need to work late or attend to dinner appointment.                                                                                                                       

How it works

Your pet will be the guest of honour in our home which offers individual attention. During the day, we will keep up with your pet’s regular routine — including eating, medication schedules and bathroom breaks.

  1. Cage free in our homes;
  2. We follow strictly to your pet’s regular daily routine;
  3. We provide outdoor activities for potty, fresh air and exercise;
  4. Daily play time, brushes and cuddles;
  5. You will need to provide own food/treats and medication instructions (if any);
  6. We will provide daily updates with pictures, video on how your pet is doing. assuring you a worry-free time away;
  7. Your pet must be well socialized.
  8. We are unable accept any dogs that are aggressive, have anxiety issues or fearful of other dogs and people.
  9. All dogs must be outdoor potty trained or trained using pee pads.

For New Clients: A compulsory meet & greet session (at least 2 weeks in advance) so that you can access if your dog and sitter will be a good fit for daycare.

Schedule your home daycare now

Home daycare is the perfect busy pet parents. Our professional and loving pet nannies will host your pets at their own home.

Benefits for your Pets:

  • Your pets will not be caged
  • Less separation anxiety to your pets
  • Your pet’s regular diet and exercise routine is continued
  • We give your pet plenty of love and attention and opportunities to play. We also maintain medical treatment, if necessary
  • Does not expose your pet to the health risks of other animals
  • Sometimes, due to medical reasons, a busy, crowded and understaffed pet daycare centres (especially during peak times) is not the best option for your dog.
Home Boarding

Benefits for the Pet Parent:

  • Take comfort in the fact that your pet is safe in our hands
  • Our experienced and qualified host can handle any aspect of pet care
  • No imposing on others to care for your pet
  • Now you can always enjoy peace of mind without having to worry about the well-being of your pet.
  • You get daily updates via text message with pictures and videos on how your pet is doing