Su-Li Chin (Obiwan)

Earlier this year I realised my senior shih tzu had become unusually quiet and uninterested in things happening around him, and I guessed it was because he was much less active than before. I work long hours, and my mother is a stroke recoveree who can’t handle walks on her own, and it finally took its toll on our dog.

I wrote to Daniel from K9 to ask for some help walking my dog during week days, and he set up a trial session with a walker as soon as we could accommodate it. We thought it went well, so now 4 times a week my dog goes on 30 minute walks. When I mentioned I’d like him to be challenged to train strength in his hind legs they began walking him up stairs (without straining him, of course). I appreciated the thoughts put into customising these walk sessions to suit my dog’s needs. They also post updates and summaries of each walk session in a group chat, so you can chart progress and see how your pet is doing during the walk.

Just 3 months later my mom and I are delighted to see my dog is much happier, friskier and behaves “younger” again. I know these walks have helped, and I’m more than happy to continue with this service for my dog’s health and well being.

I would highly recommend giving this a try, if you feel your pet needs some extra exercise but you simply can’t find the time to accompany him yourself.

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