Dorthe Stalmann

I moved to Singapore with my cat (Zorro). Having to go through personal quarantine time under a Stay Home Notice, having to hand over my beloved pet to unknown people was hard. Although a friend assured me that everything would be ok, and my cat is used to change of housing, change of caretakers when on business trips, and a bit of travel, I was anxious on how he would manage especially due to the long flight.

Being quarantined myself, the daily pictures and videos of my cat made me happy. Stella took great care of him, left him room and time to get used to the new surroundings and at the same time gave him the affection and attention needed under the new circumstances. It was visible that from day to day he felt more at home. And the news and pictures she sent to me showed the passion and love she treats her pets and guest pets with.

Daniel and Stella helped me feel comfortable from the very beginning of my flight (pre-arrival), that everything was ready and I should feel at ease. It was my job to have the right papers at the airport when handing my cat over to the officials, everything else was taken care of. Thank you so much!

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